Our mission is to build a vibrant film and television industry in Scotland.

The only realistic way to achieve that is through:

  • creating independent works
  • seeking distribution from the many different channels available today such as cable television, arthouse cinemas and the internet.
  • reinvesting revenue gained from this into expanding our next project.

Self producing film and television means we don't have to wait years for relatively small amounts of funding, allowing us to continue to bring high quality media to the audience at the rate they demand.

Donations make a huge difference to us as the cost of creating a film or television episode is fairly high: props, costume and bringing the amazing actors to us isn't cheap.

If you love independent film, want to help develop it and can spare a dollar, pound, euro or yen then spend a few seconds clicking the button above and wait and see your name appear on an upcoming work...


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If you don't have a penny but can spare some time then there are other ways for you to make a difference.

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Want a job? One that encourages you to express yourself creatively and work alongside other passionate and friendly individuals? We are always on the look out for enthusiastic people who want to be involved in something big and develop their talents on the world stage. You don't necessarily have to be based near us, in fact the more creative your job suggestions the better.


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